Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Beauty of Big

I read on the BBC today that African artist, Augustin Kassi, is currently doing an exposition of his work in which he celebrates the beautiful and voluptuous forms of women.  Finally, an artist who appreciates women who look like me!

I've always said that big can be beautiful, and my size isn't really a major issue.  Well, not to me at any rate.  Plenty of people have an issue with overweight people and prejudice abounds!  But my problem is one of health and mobility at this time.  Hence the push to lose weight - not to achieve someone else's ideal of beauty or to find acceptance among the close-minded people of the world.

The picture above is an example of the art created by Augustin Kassi and the picture will take you to a slide show of his work.  The text is in Portuguese, but I will translate a bit of it here for anyone who many be interested.
"Eu queria lutar por essas mulheres que foram criticadas e até feitas prisioneiras da ideia de que não eram bonitas", disse o pintor local Augustin Kassi.

"Decidi tomar uma posição e dizer: 'Não, você é linda - Deus a fez assim. Tome cuidado com a alimentação, faça um pouco de esporte, e nós te amamos'. Eu amo essas mulheres", disse Kassi à BBC.
"I wanted to fight for these women that have been criticized and have been prisoners of the idea that they are not pretty", says the local painter Augustin Kassi.
"I decided to take a position and say: 'No, you are lovely - God made you this way.  Take care with your nutrition, get a little exercise, and we love you.'  I love these women," says Kassi to the BBC.
Thank you, Kassi.  I think I might love you too.  I also think it might be time for me to save a little money and purchase a painting!  His work really does show his love and admiration for women - even those society has declared unworthy of love.  Take a look and see if you don't agree!

Next time you will see less of me!


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