Thursday, May 24, 2012

Is My Weight an Excuse?

I read some wise words today from a fellow dieter who lost a total of 140 lbs.  I like to read stories by the people who have succeeded because it reminds me that it is possible and because their stories are filled with good advice and wisdom.

Jaefuma over at Calorie Count said the following about relapsing:
I don't start the cycle of food guilt. I go out with friends from time to time, I eat pizza, and I eat chocolate. By doing this doesn't mean I've failed. I just start again at the next meal. 
This is important - very important.  I know that when I mess up there is a part of me that is just looking for an excuse to give up and throw in the towel.  Oh well, that's it.  My diet is ruined.  It's all over now.  I may as well eat the whole carton of ice cream with whipped cream.

In my case I don't think it's guilt because I don't feel guilty about eating delicious food.  I just want the diet to be over so that I can stop counting, measuring, and lusting for large portions of fatty foods which I cannot allow myself to have.  Once I've given in, it feels like it's okay to just stop trying.  I have got to stop doing this.  Like Jaefuma said, I just need to start again at the next meal.

In response to the question about how her life has changed since she has lost the weight, you might think Jaefuma would talk about how healthy she feels and how easy it is to buy attractive clothes in her size, but no.  She had something very surprising and insightful to share:
Well, I can't hide anymore. Not being able to do something or being "unpopular" can't be linked to my weight (as much anyway). I've taken responsibility for myself and I'm more accountable for my actions.
This one really threw me for a loop.  I sat back and asked myself if I was blaming my weight for my lack of success in certain areas of my life.  This one is hard . . . I don't have as many friends as I used to, but do I blame my weight for that?  I think I do, in part, but I don't believe that is all in my head.  I am going to do some reflecting on this idea and determine if I am blaming my weight for anything that is happening (or not happening) in my life. 

Next time you will see less of me!


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