Thursday, May 31, 2012

It All Started with Breakfast

Breakfast was a marvel, my friends.  Let me tell you!  I had a waffle topped with banana medallions drizzled with a teaspoon of caramel sauce and a teaspoon of honey.  (5P+)  And next to that I had a quarter cup of delicious roast almonds for my morning protein.  (5P+).  You would have drooled if you saw it, swayed back and forth on your feet even.

And then it wound up on the floorboard of my car.

Oh yes, it's true.  I won't go into the ridiculous details of just how that happened but I was literally in tears on my way to work.  All the careful planning of my points, the protein to keep me full, the sweet taste to make me happy to start the day - all ruined in one instant.

I was so disappointed but there was not a thing I could do with it.  As a teacher, the bell rings and I have to be there.  I have zero flexibility in my schedule.  And besides, my exams got ruined in the caramel and honey mishap, so I had to rush to school and reprint them.  I cursed my existence.

During exam week, we only meet with one class per day and they have four or five hours to take their final exam during that time.  Afterwards they are free to go home for the rest of the day and prepare for tomorrow's plan.  But did mine go?  No . . . they had planned a surprise party - complete with doughnuts, home-baked brownies with cream cheese, an array of chips, and Oreo cookies.

Do you know how many points are in Oreo Double-stuff cookies?  Neither did I.  Go ahead and look it up, but you better sit down first.

I reasoned that I could afford a couple of cookies because, after all, I had ten points of wonderful sitting uneaten on the floor of my car.  I will say this - God was looking out for me because there were only three cookies in the bag by the time I got to it.  I also had 6 Starburst candies, but overall I guess that isn't the worst thing that could happen to me.  I didn't throw my face in the brownie pan or anything like that.  :-P

On a good note, a few of my students brought a guitar and a pair of bongo drums and they sang some great songs for us all.  And anyway, tomorrow is a new day.  Southwestern Tofu Breakfast Scramble is on the menu, and if that winds up on the floor of my car by some misadventure, my response will be worthy of national news.  LOL

Next time you'll see less of me!


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  1. According to my research it looks like ten points. I wonder if most of the points are in the filling. I hate the filling, personally, and always scrape it off.