Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Learning from My Mistakes

Yesterday I talked about all the mistakes I had made when my life started to overwhelm me.  In retrospect I know that I was just in survival mode, but I am hoping this awareness and my reflection will help keep me from repeating the same mistakes when life throws me another curve ball.

Mistake #1 - Not picking myself back up. 

I need to put a support network into place now that I'm not dealing with personal tragedy and hardship.  Those people will help me remember what is important to me and will encourage me to pick myself up after I have suffered setbacks.

Mistake #2 - Isolating myself

Same as above.  I need to establish a support network of people who will not leave me alone if I fall out of touch for too long.  (Any volunteers?)

Mistake #3 - Lying to myself about how bad things were.

Not repeating this mistake will be difficult since this is a case of me working against myself.  Solving this problem is going to be an exercise in mental discipline and I hope that committing this to writing now and taking the time for honest reflection will strengthen my resolve in the future.

These are the big mistakes I have to avoid in the future because I know I will go through hard times, and there is a good chance that I will turn to food in my hour of need.  But I cannot allow that to derail everything I have done to improve my life.  I need to learn to pick myself up and get back on plan when that happens.  At the same time I need to learn to turn to my friends and to listen to what they have to say to me so that I don't spiral downward and toward self-destructive patterns of behavior.

Lesson learned.

Next time you will see less of me!


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