Monday, May 14, 2012

Week One Update

It has been one week and all is good.  I had to face the dreaded weigh-in today and I was down five pounds!  Most of that was water weight, of course.  I won't be able to keep up weight loss at that rate of speed, but it's okay.  If I average 9 lbs. per month then I get to my goal on time.

I put in a weight tracker at the very bottom of this page.  I struggled with the code a bit and I can't seem to change the color of the lettering, nor can I center it.  I went into the html and typed in my choices by hand, but they is being overridden by whatever is going on at the host site.  Ah well, I'm not going to stress about it.

After my job, my part-time job, and my Weight Watchers meeting, I came home and the crock pot had not cooked the beans to done.  They were still starchy and somewhat dry and I was disappointed because I did not want to have to cook at 8:30 at night when I was already so hungry and so tired.  I threw together a can of kidney beans, a can of tomatoes with green chilies, and some fun spices.  After heating it to boiling I served a half a cup of it over a cup of white rice.  Nothing to crow about, but it was tasty and easy enough.  Hopefully tomorrow's crock pot dinner will go better.  *fingers crossed*

Now I am off to a quiet space to spend some quality time with my Portuguese textbook.  This makes me happy.

Next time you will see less of me!


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  1. Well, those are both starches! As one of my last starch eating loved ones, call me when you want hoppin' john.