Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thou Shalt Not

So far so good with Weight Watchers.  I'm on program, tracking what I eat, and generally behaving well.  However, I have discovered some things that I should not do.  Because I want to make things easy on myself, not hard.  And some of the behaviors I have engaged in this week have made things hard.

Thou shalt not . . .
  • Go into the Whole Foods deli . . . ever.
  • Drive within 100 yards of a Starbucks.
  • Watch Food Network.
  • Go into a supermarket while hungry.
  • Leave snacks within reach.

Whole Foods is my favorite bakery in the area.  They have an almond croissant there that is dizzying in its greatness.  And then there are also my favorite cookies there - pecan pie cookies.  Do I even need to mention that they sell fresh gelato there too?

Starbucks is a favorite weakness of mine.  And now, Heaven help me, they have a blended drink with chocolate whipped cream on top.  Chocolate whipped cream!  I had one this week and it cost me 11 points and didn't fill me up, leaving me hungry and unsatisfied.

Food Network . . . so many goodies flashing past my eyes and making their impression on my subconscious.  My natural instinct is to hit the kitchen and start cooking, but I have to tamp down that inclination and stay with the meals I have planned.  This is especially hard because I like to be spontaneous.

Staying away from the supermarket while hungry is such a common piece of good advice that it is cliche, but there is wisdom there.  Everything is tempting while you are hungry and having to say no to yourself feels bad.

And for the last one, leaving snacks within reach.  This is just a combination of bad planning and laziness on my part.  Snacks in my sight and within my reach are too much of a temptation.  Better to serve myself one portion and put the snacks away immediately.  Once those snacks are out of sight they will quickly be out of mind too, and my laziness will work in my favor because I won't want to get up and get myself another snack.

Next time you will see less of me!


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